Tea party recipes (+ how to make homemade Japanese sushi!)

I received a beautiful Japanese tea set from Teaopia at my most recent birthday party. Ever since, I wanted to throw a tea party so that I could use it. Okay, my reasons weren’t as superficial as that: I have loved tea parties for several years, and I was anxious to prepare homemade sushi, as my vegetarian, half-Japanese friend had taught me how at our vegetarian dinner party. So, I scouted my favourite foods for tea party recipes. Your Japanese tea party will celebrate  exquisite simplicity; all you have to do is create the serene setting, prepare the food, and invite the guests!

Japanese tea party recipes

The ideal tea time is between meals, but I didn’t want my guests to go hungry, so I prepared enough snack food to keep them fairly satisfied.

Tea: I served green tea, which I purchased from a store. The Teaopia tea set favours tea leaves, but leaving the bags inside the teapot seemed to suffice. The key is to serve the tea very hot and refill the pot halfway through the party with freshly boiled water! I swear the tea tasted better in the tiny Teaopia cups…

My lovely Teaopia tea set.

Appetizer: Chinese hot and sour soup recipe

Side sandwiches: Egg salad sandwich recipe and cucumber sandwich (put cucumber slices between two slices of whole grain toast bread with light layer of mayo)

Delicate tea party sandwiches!

Vegetarian sushi: Avocado sushi, cucumber sushi, and avocado & cucumber sushi recipe

Sushi is as much about its taste as its presentation.


I got lucky; my backyard houses two Japanese trees that usually boast beautiful pink blossoms. The trees were not in bloom at the time of the party, so I set up a little table with a fountain (which I happened to possess, sorry) and accentuated it with flowers on either side. Setting up a comfortable dining area by a garden should do the trick. You may also opt to play quiet Japanese music in the background (I was tempted to bring out my The Last Samurai soundtrack.)

The tea party set up.

The fountain, for effect.

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