Eating healthy has been an interest of mine for many years now. But before I became interested in nutrition, I became interested in food. Food used to be a simple matter to me: you eat, you live. In grade 9, my hunger doubled and I found myself eating all the time. I’m still that person today—always hungry!

In March 2006, I gave up meat for Lent. I was studying the ethical issue of consuming animals while taking a nutrition class, and I discovered that my heart told me I didn’t want to eat animals, and my brain told me it was nutritionally possible to still be healthy.

This blog is for anyone who is either vegetarian, wants to eat healthy, or cares about someone who is vegetarian. My hope is to provide you with nutritional information and meals that you can enjoy, while also providing a forum for thoughtful discussion.

Bon appétit!

Marisa Baratta

All posts on this blog were written by Marisa Baratta, copyrighted by Marisa Baratta.
All images on this blog have been credited and if no source is specified, they were taken by and are copyright of Marisa Baratta.

Confession of a Vegetarian: I tend to cook meals that take a minimal amount of time…I also save a lot of money. That means these recipes are easy, quick and inexpensive.

Note on the recipes
All recipes on this blog have been created or modified by me, and I have tested all of them before posting them up. This way you are guaranteed a recipe that is accurate and a dish that tastes good.

Note on the cooking appliances
Most of my recipes are made in a toaster oven to save energy. There’s no use cooking in the oven, which uses way more energy, unless you’re filling it up with lots of food (oven is for family dinner time!).

I set the toaster oven to convection because it cooks just as well as bake or regular but saves energy. Most toaster ovens have a “convection” button.

Note on the serving sizes
Most of the time, the serving sizes are for one person but I almost always tell you how to double/triple/multiply the recipe. I’m the only vegetarian in the house and not too many of us are crazy about vegetables so I’m usually only cooking for one!


One Response

  1. Hi Marisa!

    You left a nice comment on my blog and I came to check yours out. Welcome to vegetarianism! I know you are not brand new to it, but a short timer, none the less. I have been veggie for 34 years now and can’t imagine going back to eating meat. It is the best thing you can do for our body, especially if you are eating more fresh, healthy foods rather than the processed stuff. It was hard for me to give up a lot of that, but now that I am cooking a lot more vegetables, my waistline is slimming and I am feeling so much better.

    I am going to mark your blog and come back when I have more time to enjoy it. Take care!

    Patty Tolbert aka Vampire Gran

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