Quesada Mexican Grill restaurant review: can’t get my mind off it!

I had been planning on buying a veggie dog outside the ROM as a quick dinner but when I found the street hot dog vendor-less, I was left with three options: Quesada Mexican Grill, Subway or McDonald’s. I’ve eaten McDonald’s about five times in my life and I can’t think of many exciting veggie options there. Subway is delicious, but I had been wanting to try Quesada for a while. And, boy, was it worth it.

Vegetarian options 9/10

Mexican cuisine is very vegetarian friendly thanks to its inclusion of beans. I’m always surprised when I confess my love for tacos and someone asks, “But what do you eat?” Beans, of course! Tacos, burritos and the like are just as easy to prepare for vegetarians as they are for meat-lovers.

Quesada Mexican Grill offers burritos (bean or grilled veggies), veggie tacos, veggie quesadillas, soups and snacks (think chips with salsa or guacamole). They will even serve a burrito on a bed of lettuce if you’re watching carbs, but don’t forget carbohdyrates are just as important as protein and good fats! Opt for a whole grain tortilla with your burrito or taco.

More good news: you can choose between black beans or pinto beans. Yay: choice!

The Food 8.5/10

A vegetarian is sure to find her or his fair share of options here. The only downside is that while tacos, quesadillas and burritos can come vegetarian-style, only the burritos give the option of beans over vegetables. Perhaps if we ask, they’d be willing to put beans in the tacos?

My meal: the small bean burrito, $5.07 (with tax)

Burritos are my Mexican go-to because they have everything I want: beans, rice, vegetables, salsa, sauces and all the goods rolled into one tortilla. I was offered a white or whole grain tortilla and very happily pounced on the opportunity to eat whole grain (kudos to Quesada Mexican Grill!). I also had black beans, rice, tomatoes, mild salsa, sour cream, corn, lettuce and cheese. Delicious!

Grain: 1 (whole grain)
Fruits&veg: 2
Protein alt: 1
Dairy: 1

Prices 8.2/10

Quesada Mexican Grill is basically competing with other semi–fast food “restaurants” like Mucho Burrito (which I don’t like very much). It’s expected that the prices will be higher than that of a fast food chain like my favourite Taco Bell (almost $4 for a burrito) and lower than that of a restaurant’s burrito (usually around $8-12), so keeping that in mind, $5 is very reasonably priced.

On the other hand, I ordered a small burrito. But then, a large bean burrito only costs $1 more! This seems alright.

Service 8.5/10

Service is difficult to rate at a place where no one, well, serves you. But the workers behind the counter were amusing, indeed. It was my first time ordering at Quesada so I wasn’t sure which toppings were part of my burrito order and which would cost extra (though it did say on the menu…).

I experienced a Rat Race moment as the man working behind the counter was a new employee, aided thankfully by two experienced co-workers. I say “thankfully” not because he did a bad job of making my burrito (he didn’t), but because I wasn’t sure which toppings were at my disposal and as the man was new too, neither of us knew who should take the lead. When I asked for guacamole, one of the woman warned me that it costs 75 cents extra, so I promptly cancelled the demand just as the man was dipping a spoon into the avocado blend. I was eyeing the cheese and lettuce when one of the women informed me that cheese was $3 extra but just as quickly said that she was joking. I explained, “I was ready to believe you because cheese is so expensive!” In future, they may not want to confuse a new customer…

Then, my burrito was ready. The man wrapped it up only to have his female co-worker explain that there was a more efficient way to treat the burrito. My two friends were standing nearby waiting for me. I looked on patiently as my burrito was wrapped and re-wrapped three times—there’s the Rat Race moment!—only to then have me wait for it to be grilled. But it was worth it!

Atmosphere 8.5/10

The place was relatively empty but seemed like a comfortable, clean place to eat.

Would I go here again?

Yes! My burrito tasted good and the ingredients felt and tasted so fresh and pure. I already wanted another one after I’d finished mine. I definitely want to eat here again!

Note: If your stomach is sensitive to Mexican food, good news: this burrito did not cause any stomach pains.


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  1. That Marisa Baratta. Always giving us good veggie options for food!

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