Vegetarian sushi recipe: avocado sushi and cucumber sushi

Please note I have, as per my usual cooking style, skipped out on the traditional Japanese rice and the bamboo rolling mat that helps one prepare this meal. I have no excuse on the latter except for the fact that I was able to make the sushi without it, so I didn’t buy it (though it looks cool!). As for the sticky Japanese rice, it took a while for someone to direct me to the rice section at the Asian supermarket, and while I did find the aisle, I could not locate Japanese sticky rice. In any event, the sushi came out delicious!

Homemade sushi is delish!



  1. Boil the water and rice until cooked. This could take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes so plan in advance.
  2. While waiting for the rice, use this time to slice the avocado and cucumber (wash it first!) in long strips, length-wise.
  3. Place the sushi seaweed paper shiny side down on the counter. Cover ¾ of the sheet in a thin layer of rice.
  4. Line the cucumber and avocado strips on top of the rice, closest to the edge that has rice on it. You may choose to make avocado sushi, cucumber sushi, or cucumber-and-avocado sushi. Personally, I find the avocado adds a desired texture.
  5. Now roll the seaweed paper, starting from the rice end and making your way to the empty end.
  6. Serve in slices (I suggest cutting with a pizza cutter if you wish to avoid having your lovely sushi roll fall apart) with your favourite sushi sauces on the side. I suggest soy sauce or M&M Meat Shops’ Sweet and Spicy Thai sauce.

The Japanese make great food, and they make it look good too.

Daily food group servings

Grain: 2
Fruits&veg: 2-3
Protein alt: 0
Dairy: 0

Serves 3 rolls of sushi

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