Milestones restaurant review: Girls’ Night Out menu

My friend recently brought it to my attention that Milestones offers new well-themed and tempting dinner specials. We kindly obliged, attending their Monday Girls’ Night Out special with two other friends.

The deal on our meal

4 appetizers and 4 bellinis for $40, before tax and tip. If you bring three girl_friends, that’s one appetizer and one bellini per person, for only $10. Hello!

Vegetarian options 9/10

Hurray, here’s to not having to awkwardly question the waiter: “I’m a vegetarian…do you have anything without meat?” Five of the six appetizers are meatless! Boy, does it feel good.

The food 8.5/10

Milestones’ Famous Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip

This dip really should be famous. I often split the spinach and artichoke dip at any restaurant, and this one certainly arrived in a creamy, cheesy glory, and with red tortilla chips and a side of sour cream and fresh-cut tomato salsa to boot. It was delicious and easily the best part of the meal.

Yummy Yam Frites

I can see why this dish was recommended to me. The plate of yam frites, easily made for sharing, is accompanied by an orange mayo I only wished to have a few tastes of (mayo is yummy, but too much of it…) . The fries taste quite good, and I believe yam is a little healthier than regular potato…no? (Maybe not when it’s fried.)

Baked Goat Cheese & Slow-Roasted Garlic Flatbread

I didn’t recognize half the food I was eating from this dish, but they all taste good, and that’s what matters! (Well that and the healthiness of the items in question.) A lightly garlic-covered flatbread simply asks to be covered in a rich, creamy goat cheese I’m still drooling over, a spiced cranberry relish (so THAT’S what that salsa-looking dip is), roasted corn and onion salsa, fresh papaya (still don’t know what I ate) and roasted red pepper salsa (which is the cranberry, which is the pepper…?). Don’t think too much on this one; it looks and tastes good. Did I mention the creamy goat cheese?

The fourth appetizer we ordered was crispy honey phyllo shrimp, for which I cannot, of course, offer a proper review, reasons being obvious (see this blog’s domain name). However, I can say that every single piece of shrimp was accounted for by my companions (although the lettuce was sadly untouched). They described the accompanying dip as tasting sweet, like maple.

Nutrition information: scroll to the bottom of the Milestones website

Prices 9/10

A drink and an appetizer for only $10 before tax and tip? That’s a deal you just can’t get very often anymore, especially from a restaurant chain. Even if you order more than the Girls’ Night Out menu offers, you’re still getting your drink and appetizer for about half price.

Service 8/10

The waiter’s transition into acquiring our I.D.s was all too transparent; I noticed him take a breath before remarking, “You all look so youthful…May I see your I.D.s?” However, when I asked for water rather than my bellini (which my three friends bartered for before assigning it to someone), he kindly brought me water and later, recognizing the glass was running low, he “topped off” my supply.

The only fault was leaving us to sit with our dirty dishes hogging the table space for a few minutes too long. But how picky can you be?

Atmosphere 8.5/10

We were fortunate to be seated in a private corner sectioned off by a fairly transparent but fine set of curtains. I particularly love the fact that on our way out, I noticed the high volume of girls at the restaurant, and recognized the Girls’ Night Out menu items on the tables. Milestones should thank its marketing team. Even though the Girls’ Night Out menu isn’t necessarily just that—in the name of fairness, the restaurant opens the special to groups of more or less than four, and both men and women—the restaurant still succeeds in drawing in customers who otherwise may not have chosen to go there for their Monday night dinner.


If you want to make it easy to split the bill, go with three friends and assign each friend one drink and one appetizer.

I suggest sharing all four appetizers; assign cutlery to each dish so everyone can scoop the desired amount onto their plate to avoid double-dipping. That’s what we did and it allows everyone to sample a variety.

One of my best friends cleverly pointed out that two people could enjoy the Monday Girls’ Night Out menu, earning two drinks and two appetizers each for only $20 per person before tax and tip. That’s quite a deal!

Would I go here again?

I would and, in fact, I am; the Wednesday night Date Night special beckons next week!


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