Dinner party menu planning

Once you’ve planned your party and brainstormed the menu options, break up your ideas into categories: appetizers, sides (salads), main course, snacks, desserts, beverages. Aim for one to two options in each category and don’t forget to accommodate varying tastes (and diets).

In my case, I was co-planning a vegetarian dinner party. My goal was to create an affordable meal allowing friends to enjoy their meal, eat healthy (i.e. try more vegetables), and understand where a vegetarian gets her or his protein. Don’t forget that this isn’t just about vegetarians—everyone should vary their protein income!

Acting on my goal, I created the following snack menu:

Below you can find the main course menu:

If you like the sound of any of these recipes, I’ve provided them below. Any dinner party items not mentioned have yet to be posted as recipes, or were cooked and created by my vegetarian friend, who taught me how to make cucumber and avocado sushi! I hope to bring this recipe to you soon.

Appetizer: Bruschetta recipe

Salad: Italian salad recipe, a.k.a. Tomato and cucumber salad recipe

Dinner: Taco pizza recipe, Taco lasagna recipe, Bean&Cheese quesadilla recipe

Beverage: Banana milkshake (Visit tomorrow!)

Holding your own dinner party? We want to hear about it! Please post in the comments below.

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  1. nice posting of dinner party menu planning. 🙂

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