A successful dinner party

If you read my last post, you know that Saturday night I co-hosted what will hopefully become a tradition of vegetarian homemade dinners for my friends.

I prepared myself for biting criticism; I expected to receive complaints from either picky eaters or extreme meat-eaters (or vegetable-haters). If you recall, I’m a little frightened of vegetables (or eating them). So you have little to fear from vegetables when I’m hosting.

What I learned about protein

However, I did want the event to concentrate on vegetable intake and protein consumption. Two salads were offered, one of which contained only vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, cucumber and potato—not that scary! And the olive oil does wonders to disguise flavour).  The other was a quinoa salad; as I learned this weekend, quinoa is a complete protein (think of couscous but even healthier). The first food to be served was bruschetta—my way of appeasing the skeptical vegetable eaters.

My next post reveals the extravagant (hehe) menus I created and distributed to all my guests prior to the event.


I told myself I’d consider the event a success if people ate the food. Eating food = it must be good food, or you’re desperate, which I ruled out as a possibility. No one dug out the meat right after dinner; late into the night we got hungry and made mini pizzas so pepperoni is the most anyone saw. I even received a “my compliments to the chef” for the quesadillas!

My next post will reveal the menu and discuss how to create a comprehensive, healthy, easy-to-prepare menu.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m a tomato and I’m coming out to get you! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

  2. Oh, wait tomatoes aren’t vegetables. But I bet you’d be scared if I told you REALLY I’M A CARROT!!!!!!!!!

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