Pho Mi 99 restaurant—lovely!

Pho Mi 99
Vietnamese Restaurant chain

My boyfriend insisted I try vietnamese food, a cuisine in which I had sort of dabbled. That is, if you counted a grade 8 Vietnamese food day where you could barely taste your lunch due to incompetent chopstick-handling and lack of North American cutlery.

My first homemade Vietnamese salad rolls. The first platter looked scarier; these ones look good thanks to my sister's rolling-rice-paper talents.

Remember my first Confession of a Vegetarian, where I mentioned that cookbook? Well my first recipe included the Vietnamese salad rolls. They taste delicious and are great for dipping, but as my dad put it, they possess a disturbing resemblance to aliens in the movies. That part is my fault; a friend reassured me that her pal makes them and they look great, so I can only hope that one day mine will too.

As a failed attempt to eat and make presentable Vietnamese food does not count much toward “having eaten Vietnamese food,” my boyfriend whisked me away on a romantic date to Pho Mi 99.

Vegetarian options 8/10

My meal: 1 mango milkshake ($3.00), 2 orders vegetarian fried spring rolls ($3.75 each), 1 vegetarian egg noodle soup ($6.00)

Grain: 2
Fruits&veg: 4
Protein alt: 2 (egg noodles + tofu in the soup)
Dairy: 1
Junk food: 1 (minus a point for eating out + fried rolls)

The menu is made up of around 1000 items, most of which include pork, chicken or another form of meat. However, I was more than able to put together a delicious order, and if anything, it was the lack of specification that made ordering somewhat of a challenge, rather than a lack of vegetarian food. Some rolls were labelled as “rice rolls” and I wasn’t sure whether this meant there was no meat, so I stuck with the clearly labelled “vegetarian fried rolls.” My boyfriend, the greatest carnivore proponent I know, admitted, “I could go vegetarian!” as he hungrily dug into a crispy vegetarian roll, in which the broccoli was clearly visible (i.e. real vegetables = really healthy!).

The Food

Mango milkshake: delicious companion to your meal.

It’s not like mango juice, where you can really taste the mango, but it’s yummy! And it lasts forever! The texture is thicky, creamy and coolperfect.

Vegetable fried rolls: I love spring rolls!

They’re big and contain vegetables in full form! They’re crunchy and taste so good with the light dipping sauce with which you are provided. Obviously they lose points for being fried but you’re allowed! They have the traditional rice paper rolls on the menu as well.

Soup: extremely healthy. Biggest bang for your buck I’ve ever seen. Includes flat, thick noodles, chow mein noodles, tofu, and vegetables: broccoli, mushroom, carrot, baby corn, celery, onion.

The soup was HUGE. The first soup I ate with a fork. It was basically a whack of stir-fry accompanied by lots of broth. In other words, it’s not your average liquid-y soup; it’s jam-packed with literally a package of noodles and vegetables in full form. When I was done eating, we had 2 vegetable rolls left and a massive bowl of soup. I brought the leftovers home, consumed the rolls that night, and had 2 bowls of stir-fry the next morning for lunch. Talk about bang for your buck!

Prices 9/10

**cheapest prices I’ve seen at a restaurant
***best bang for your buck

Very well priced!! I could have had a very fulfilling $10 meal with a drink ($3.00), two large spring rolls ($3.75) and a smaller soup (which would cost around $4-5). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a drink for only $3 on a menu and trust me, it’s refreshing! (The price and the beverage!)

Service 9/10

We were invited to sit down as soon as we entered and then given free tea. We ordered soon after and our entire meal arrived within three minutes!

Atmosphere 8/10

As soon as we entered the restaurant, I remarked, “I like this place, it feels like a house” with its bright lighting, scattering of tables and gentle chatter. The walls were lined with white tiles so the room was very bright and comfortable.


If you order soup, make it a small or medium. If you order a medium to large soup, consider it your main course; do NOT order a stir-fry, noodles or rice to go with it! The noodles and rice ARE it!

Would I go again?

I’d definitely make this my go-to for Vietnamese food. However, I’d have to go a few times before I conclude whether there is enough vegetarian variety. With a menu of over 900 items, I should hope so!


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