Confessions of a Vegetarian: I have an obsession

Last night, I dreamt that the food court near my house had been redesigned and my first fear was this: Did they take away the Taco Bell?

A dream

I was walking through the mall when the familiar sights faded into one shocking image: three tiny food counters, and one huge green restaurant. Where is the Taco Bell?! I wondered frantically. I scanned the parameters, my heart beating. There was a KFC; that wasn’t there before, and Taco Bell is their partner. Could it be?

And yes! The signature Taco Bell purple was splashed across KFC’s counterface. Relief washed over me like a pack of Taco Bell hot sauce (I love those).

I waded through the green restaurant in search of Taco Bell. Finally, I spotted a woman preparing tacos and I approached her. “I love Taco Bell,” I told her. “I’ve been coming here for years—”

She cut me off: “We don’t have any job posi—”

“I don’t want a job,” I told her quickly, “I already have one. I wanted to tell you not to go out of business.” The woman’s face lightened up. “This is the only Taco Bell near my house and I need you to stay here. They took away the other Taco Bell where I used to go. Don’t go out of business!”

So…has anyone else dreamt about food in this insane manner?

Note: The beginning of the dream has been exaggerated for your enjoyment. However, the Taco Bell obsession is as true as it seems…

A common knowledge

It’s common knowledge that I have loved Taco Bell for the past 7 years. Sure, I ate it before then, but I didn’t become addicted to it until 7 years ago. Ever since, I need Taco Bell, crave Taco Bell, and eat Taco Bell at any opportunity.

It’s not like I go out of my way to find it, but if I know it’s in the area, I plan my schedule so that I can end up with that burrito or taco supreme in my hands by the end of the day. As you can tell by the recipes on this blog, I have a thing for Mexican food (or our version of it). Yummy!

As a vegetarian, I find it difficult to procure a “good” fast food meal while on the road. When my family goes on a trip, I hope there’s a Taco Bell in the area. If not, say hello to veggie burger, and say good-bye to a salad (I’m not a rabbit–I need more food than that!).

Do you have a favourite vegetarian-friendly fast food joint?

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2 Responses

  1. Taco Bell has vegetarian food? Is it any good?

    • I hope you know you’ve invited me to unleash the Taco Bell details by asking that 😉 The food is great! How healthy can fast food be? But at least their ingredients are really close to all-natural ingredients (we don’t eat the meat from the gun, so we’re even safer). And it’s really, really inexpensive!

      7-layer burrito: it’s always vegetarian, so you avoid the hassle of very clearly telling them, “I want beans in my taco…not meat!” The 7-layer is heavenly; it comes with refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and guacamole. I, however, replace the guacamole with their jalapeno sauce.

      Almost any other taco can be made vegetarian thanks to the following simple request: “Can I get the soft taco supreme *with beans, no meat.*” I’ve successfully replaced meat with beans in the supreme tacos, volcano taco and Black Jack taco, but you can try the others! I hope this helps 🙂

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