Easy Way to Eat Healthy—The 4 Food Groups

Are you getting your body the proper nutrients it needs?

The Canada Food Guide says you should be consuming approximately:

Grain products: 6-8 servings
Fruits & vegetables: 7-10 servings
Protein alternatives: 2-3 servings
Dairy: 2-3 servings

Notice you need more vegetables than protein?

For vegetarians, it’s very important we concentrate on what a non-meat diet is prone to lacking, which means protein, vitamin B12, and minerals like iron, niacine and zinc.

It’s easy to eat healthy

My method: If you eat dinner with your family and have less control over the menu, find out early in the day what your meal will be, and plan a lunch and snacks that fulfill whichever needs are not met by your dinner.

Helpful tip: If your dinner will be rich in protein and grain products, be sure to eat many servings of vegetables for lunch, with fruits for snack.

Proper Serving Sizes

Grain products: the size of your palm = 1 serving
Pasta: ½ cup of pasta = 1 serving
Fruits and vegetables: the size of your fist = 1 serving
Cheese: two thumbs put together (or one thin slice of cheese) = 1 serving
Meat and alternatives: the size of your palm or of a deck of cards = 1 serving
Juice: Drink Tropicana or 100% real fruit juice. 120 mL = 1 portion of fruit juice, NOT a 450 mL Minute Maid bottle.
Milk: 120 mL
Yogurt: 175 g = 1 serving, NOT a cute 100 g package of yogurt

How this blog will help you

Daily food group servings
Protein alt:

This is something new you’ll be noticing on the blog. At the end of each recipe post, I will provide you with the daily food servings calculated for you. For eating healthy on a dialy basis, you may find it easier to keep track of your meals in a notebook. At the bottom of the page, tally up your daily food group intake.Good luck!

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2 Responses

  1. If you find it diffcult to consume all of your daily servings, just make sure to maintain the proportion of servings per food group. (e.g., consume more vegetables than grain products)

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